Taurus SC April 1 to May 31
Taurus SC 20 oz 4 bt/cs    $10.00/cs
Taurus SC 78 oz 4 jug/cs  $20.00/cs
Taurus SC 2.5gl 2 jug/cs   $40.00/cs
Fuse 27.5 oz      4 bt/cs     $20.00/cs
Fuse 137.5 oz    2 jug/cs   $30.00/cs

Tekko Pro May 1 to May 31
Tekko 16oz 6bt/cs              $50.00/cs

Will Call Specials May 6th to May 24th
Stryker pt                $45.00/bt
D-Fense Dust 1lb   $8.00/bt
Contrac Blox 4lb    $21.25/pl
Large (#9)/ X-Large (#10) Gloves       $2.25/pr
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